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The Land-Ally site near Eindhoven is co-created with:
  • The Land Community - All living and non-living entities present on the land. 
  • Anne-Marie - Landowner 
  • Hannah Hertrich - Carpenter 
  • Amanda van Hesteren  - Documentary maker and film editor 
Interviews and knowledge contribution by:
  • Anna-Rosja Haveman - PhD candidate, University of Groningen, history of art and landscape
  • Thijs de Zeeuw - "Nature Optimist " Design for the non-human
  • Klaas Kuitenbrouwer - Zoöp
  • Roosmarijn De Rooij - Rights and Foundation 
  • Sanders Advies - Rights for public spaces 
  • Leonor Kuna - Spiritual practices and energy bonds with the land 
  • Zowie - Shamanic practices 
  • Nick - Brabands Landschap 
  • Klaas - Biodivers en Polderprof 
  • Sander - SoortenNL en Healthy Landscapes 
  • Stichting het Bos dat van zichzelf is 
  • Flora - staykurious 
  • Emiel - the Beach en Four Sisters project 
Made possible with the contribution of:
  • Biodivers – Seeds
  • Sichting Kempisch Heideschaap – Sheep and Wool
  • New pig – Rainwater catcher
  •, Tiny en Josefien - Willows
  • RHEINZINK -  Galvanized steel rain barrel
Other Acknowledgements​:
Thank you dearly to Juli, Amalia, Ollee, André, Jos, Anne, Lison and Max for your giving love, time and energy to the project. 
If you, your company, organisation or foundation are interested in being a Land-Ally or contributing to the project; you are welcome to reach out through the contact form. 

If you want to participate by giving care to the land. You are welcome to explore the care calender. 
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