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About Land-Ally

Land-Ally is a nature management methodology based on alliance (allyship) with non-human entities. Its aim is to facilitate an intimate connection between humans and nature, by providing a place to connect with nature by caring of it: hands-on.

Land-Ally stands for forming an alliance with nature. It is an Interdisciplinary design and research collective that does site-specific projects with the aim of getting people to connect with nature. They do this by collaborating with animals, plants, fungi and matter in their design process, and exploring the role of humans as "allies" within this collaboration. They translate these explorations into spatial designs, tools, installations and strategy for area development.

The Land-Ally Foundation. 
The Land-Ally foundation aims to undo the barrier between man and nature and create a place to experience this through connectivity. Land-Ally uses a methodology that can be applied in different locations. Because the project responds to the animals and plants present on site, the project is always takes on a different form depending on the location.


Land-Ally can work in commission or collaboration around the question "how to design an environment as an ally of nature"?

You can read more about the foundation here

About the founder of the project, Marte Mei. 

Land-Ally is an initiative of social designer Marte Mei. The project started during her Master social design at the Design Academy Eindhoven, and has since grown into a foundation and collective of makers. To find out more about her work visit: 

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