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Policy Land-Ally foundation 

The Land-Ally foundation is set up to care for pieces of land following the land-allyship methodology. It supports the research, implementation, and dissemination of land-ally methodology. The foundation is a non-profit organisation. 

It aims to make interaction with nature through caregiving accessible to local communities.

By makings green-spaces public and setting up open-for-all workshops and gatherings. In doing so it aims to restore a sense of interconnectivity and responsibility between humans and their natural environment.  

How do you form an alliance with land, and all that lives and exists within that? This is the starting point of each land relationship. Following a methodology, the type of care processes, objects and human collaboration will be different according to each land, plant-and-animal community, and timeframe.

Land-Allyship can be practised on multiple levels: ecological, social and legal. This is its Methodology:

  1. Build land relations by listening and observing non-human community

  2. Define ( human-caused) imbalances

  3. Define low-tech collaborative restorative practises

  4. Develop tools, care practices, workshops

  5. Collaborative experimental phase

  6. Redirect care and responsibility among the local community

  7. Legal Land-Ally: in which the land becomes their own legal entity by being adopted into the foundation or otherwise legal measures are taken to ensure the land’s most beneficial legal status.

The foundation, in it's policy plan, aims to:

- Support and create lands as a test case for the Land-Allyship methodology, including public programming, workshops and objects to support these projects. 

- Support and initiate research to support land-based projects that explore the land-allyship attitude.


-Support and create publications and artworks that spread the ideology and research going into the land-based projects.  


The board of the foundation consists of:


- Chairman: Anne van der Ven
Anne is a strategist who focuses on meaningful projects with lasting impact within contemporary society. In doing so, she strives for fair and just connections and for that reason founded her own production company Frenkie Media last year. With this, she focuses on stories that offer alternatives to dominant perspectives in society. Besides her work as a producer, Anne studies philosophy at the UvA, has worked for activist organisations such as 'Milieudefensie' and MamaCash and is at the forefront of several independent socially engaged initiatives such as cultural foundation KIP Republic and the anti-racism platform 'Wit huiswerk'.


- Secretary: Vivienne Ypma. Vivienne has years of experience on the boards of several cultural foundations. After retiring from her job as director of a large theatre, she now lives by herself on a farm in the Achterhoek to live closer to nature and focus on projects she finds pleasure in such as gardening and this foundation. 


- Treasurer: Max Daalhuizen is a landscape architect. In his work, he also applies the ideas of shared ownership that the foundation is all about. He also has a fine arts background but now works at Landscape Architecture firm BOOM! and expects to graduate in 2023 from his Masters in landscape architecture at the AHK in Amsterdam. 

Compensation policy:
Board members perform their work unpaid

You can donate to the foundation via:

Stichting Land-Ally

NL22 TRIO 0320 4758 08

Naam van de instelling: Stichting Land-Ally

(RSIN) nummer: 863874800

Contactgegevens van de instelling    

Stichting Land-Ally                                                           Secr. Engelbertinkstraat 7

7495 TW Ambt Delden

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