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About Land-Ally

Land-Ally is a nature management methodology based on alliance (allyship) with non-human entities. Its aim is to facilitate an intimate connection between humans and nature, by providing a place to connect with nature by caring of it: hands-on.

It is a public space, with tools designed to work together with animals and plants, insects, fungi and bacteria on land. Meetings are organised on the land using these tools to take care of the place.

In addition, Land-Ally sites are a hub where, for example, artists, designers, naturalists or researchers can join the project, or use the place as a base for dialogue and intervention around the theme of multi-species coexistence.

Land-Ally constitutes of a foundation and a travelling methodology that can be applied in different locations. Because the project responds to the animals and plants present on site, the project is always takes on a different form depending on the location. In addition, Land-Ally can work in commission or collaboration around the question "how to design an environment as an ally of nature"?

The Land-Ally Foundation. 
The Land-Ally foundation aims to undo the barrier between man and nature and create a place to experience this through connectivity. You can read more about the foundation here

About the founder of the project, Marte Mei. 

Land-Ally is an initiative of social designer Marte Mei. The project started during her Master social design at the Design Academy Eindhoven, and has since grown into a foundation and collective of makers. To find out more about her work visit: 

Land-Ally project locations: 


2021 - 2022 - Geldrop, Eindhoven  

Current status: hibernation


2023 - Present - Municipality of Amsterdam 

Current status: under development 

Collaborate or become part of it? 

Send an email to 


2023 - DDW'23 - Dommel, Municipality of Eindhoven  

Current status: under development 

Dutch Design Week 2023 commission 

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