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Will Water Want 

21-29 October 2023
Dutch Design Week
Dommelstraat 2 & Stationsweg
Eindhoven, NL 

The municipality of Eindhoven commissioned Land-Ally to make "The Voice of the Dommel" heard in the area's urban developments. This resulted into an investigation into the (im)possibility of incorporating the river's will into an area development plan, and the realization that the river at this central location in the city is not an independent entity but rather a small part influenced by the entire river basin.
Will Water Want consists of a series of glass objects standing in the flow of the Dommel River, interacting with the water’s stream. Hanging from the bridge is an installation that allows the visitor to listen to sounds produced by the water flowing past the objects. Through these design objects, the public is invited to reflect on water as an entity and question the practical, sensory, and perhaps even spiritual connotations connected to it.

A billboard on the bank displays a system analysis of the river basin; a study into human influences on the river's well-being from three perspectives: The Scientist, Land-Ally, and questions in an (im)possible dialogue with the water.

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